Ben-Mem Oilfield Services Ltd.

  • MD with Seplat and Cardinal Drilling
  • Sandblasted and coated Rig mast after API 4 G Inspection
  • Rig Substructure being sandblasted for and prep for MPI
  • Monkey Board Maintenance and Inspection
  • Crown Sweet Inspection
  • Mud Pump Module inspection
  • Engineering Field
  • Engineering Field
  • Rig acceptance team of land rig
  • Engineering Works
  • Engineering works
  • Engineering Works
  • Engineering works
MD with Seplat and Cardinal Drilling1 Sandblasted and coated Rig mast after API 4 G Inspection2 Rig Substructure being sandblasted for and prep for MPI3 Monkey Board Maintenance and Inspection4 Crown Sweet Inspection5 Mud Pump Module inspection6 Engineering Field7 Engineering Field8 Rig acceptance team of land rig9 Engineering Works10 Engineering works11 Engineering Works12 Engineering works13
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Welcome to Ben-Mem Oilfield Services Ltd.

BEN-MEM OILFIELD & GENERAL SERVICES LTD is a specialized company in Xray, Pressure testing, Corrosion control & Oil country tubular good (OCTG) inspection such as Casing &Tubing, Drill pipe and line pipe, Lifting equipment, Storage tanks Corrosion Control, General NDT Services and Procurement but not limited to as you will find in our comprehensive list of services.
Because of problems associated with handling, transportation, field usage and other down hole related cases, damages such as washout, crack due,  fatigue , twist off connection damages to mention a few. It became necessary to set and define standards or specifications which tubular goods must meet depending on the application requirement. Ben-men Oilfield & General Services ensures that only SERVICEABLE tubular goods are used in your operations this means that non-serviceable projection tools and equipment that may serve for a short duration with critical area (damage or defect) will not get a place in your string. If a proper and thorough inspection were not done initially then the cost of Location shutdown, Rig logistics cost etc would certainly doubles  and fishing or well abandonment may become the end result. 

In Ben-Mem Oilfield & General Services the API recommended practices are followed to the letter such that wherever we operate there is quite an amount saving in operational cost.  NO DOWN TIME!

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